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Customized Probate Checklist

Please answer the questions below to receive the Free Customized Probate Checklist...

1. Have you been appointed as the Personal Representative?
2. Is there a Will?
3. Do you currently have a probate / estate settlement attorney?
4. Have you completed the Decedent's Estate Inventory Form 941?
5. How are you related to the Decedent?
6. Is there real estate included in the estate?
7. Do you have a copy of the real estate deed(s)?
8. Have you verified all property liens & encumbrances?
11. Who is living in the property?
12. What are your plans for the property?
13. What are your plans for the household / personal property items?
14. What is your timeline for the estate sale / cleanout process?
15. Are there other properties?
16. What is your timeline to complete settlement process?
17. What probate issues are you facing?

Thanks for submitting!

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