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Estate Sale

4 Basic Types of Estate Sales to Liquidate Personal Property



This option is where a buy-out company will come look at the personal property for free & make an offer to buy re-sellable items, donate the re-usable items & clear out everything else. It provides you with a baseline value.


This is a traditional on-site sale which typically starts on a Thursday and ends on a Saturday, with clean out to follow. On-site estate sale companies generally charge a lower commission than off-site estate sale companies.


This is a great option if the home is not conducive to accomodate a large multi-day sale. These companies will charge a little more to offset the cost of moving, storage & warehouse space to conduct the estate sale.


Auctions are more common in rural areas with a lot of farm equipment or in some cases where rare high value artwork, antiques, classic cars or specialty collections exist that are best sold by a professional auction house.


More Personal Property Information...

Personal Property Appraisals

If needed, some estate sale companies provide fee based appraisals of personal property (non- real estate items) included in the estate, even if you do not intend to sell all or part of the personal property in the form of an estate sale.  We also provide resources for appraisals of specialty items such as coin, stamp, sports cards and other collectables as well as tools, equipment, fine art, antiques and firearms, etc.


Family Distribution

Some items are specifically bequeathed in a will to a specific beneficiary.  Often times family members and heirs will agree to meet at the home and take turns picking out items that they would like to keep before an estate sale.

Charitable Donations

Some estate sale companies will take unsold items to charitable organizations such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, ARC, etc.

Vehicles (Cars, Trucks, Boats, RV's, etc.)

We have resources who will purchase vehicles, sell them on consigment or accept them as donations.

Precious Metals and Coin Collections

We have resources who will purchase precious metals and coin collections, or sell them on consigment.

Firearms and Ammunition

We have Federal Firearms Licensed firearm dealers who can assist with the legal sale and transfer of firearms and ammunition. Local law enforcement departments will also come and remove firearms and ammunition at no charge.


We have resources who will purchase some taxidermy, sell on consigment, donate to Colorado Division of Wildlife or properly dispose of unwanted taxidermy.

Roll-Off Dumpsters

We have resources who will provide roll-off dumpsters, pods or shipping containers at the property to assist with removing all personal property from the home.

Trash Hauling and Clean-Out

We have resources who will not only haul away all trash and debris, but who can also provide property clean-out services. They can even assist with hoarder situations if needed.

House Cleaning Services

We have resources who provide professional house cleaning services and professional carpet cleaning services.

Hazardous Materials Clean-up

We have resources who provide hazardous materials clean-up, crime scene clean-up and removal of toxic materials.  They specialize in working with insurance companies if possible.

Livestock, Pets and Animals

We have resources who buy livestock as well as organizations who accept unwanted pets and other animals.

Unused Prescription Medications

Colorado offers the Colorado Household Medication Take-Back Program to take back and properly dispose of any unused household medications.  Click here for more information.


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