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What the Buy-Out-Clean-Out Bid includes...

In addition to navigating the probate and estate settlement process for the first time, many of the families we help, are dealing with a loved one's property and all of the household furnishings, clothing, cars, tools, equipment and other items they acquired throughout their lifetime that were important to them.

Quite often the process of deciding what to do with all of these items can be very overwhelming.

Some items may be specifically referenced in the decedent's will, if they had one, but what about everything else?

Many families meet at the property to decide who would like to keep which items that are left over, not including any items specifically bequeathed (willed) to someone.

After this process occurs, some families decide to hold some type of an estate sale, whether hiring a professional estate sale company or holding their own estate sale / garage sale all at once or over the course of several weekends.

Our Buy-Out-Clean-Out contractors that we work with will set an appointment for a walk-through of the property to see what all is there and what you do not want to keep and they will provide a Free Bid / Estimate of the value of things they will purchase from the Estate and a list of items that they will transport and donate to charities for re-use by people in need and also a list and quote of what their cost would be to remove everything else and haul it to the landfill, leaving the property empty and broom clean.

This Free Bid / Estimate will provide you with a Baseline value of items to be purchased and the cost to haul everything else away. You will then have a "worst case scenario" and you can decide if you would like to move forward or pursue a formal or informal estate sale.

We can also arrange for a free estimate from one or more professional estate sale companies for you and then you can compare both scenarios and decide which one is best for you.

Please complete the form on this page to request your Free Buy-Out-Clean-Out Bid / Estimate or feel free to call Jim Foster at 303-229-5347 to discuss your situation and obtain recommendations for professional estate sale companies.

Thank you!

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