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Helpful information for Personal Representatives...

What our team can help take off your plate...

  • Free household contents buyout and cleanout estimate

  • Estate sale resources (on-site or off-site)

  • Property clean-outs, hauling & roll-off dumpsters

  • Property maintenance & repair contractors

  • Hazardous materials clean-up

  • Vacant property insurance coverage solutions

  • Mobile locksmiths to secure the property

  • Free Ownership & Encumbrance Title Report

  • Free Property Market Value Analysis (CMA)

  • Professional real estate marketing services

  • Expertise in probate real estate transactions

  • Local point of contact for out of town PR’s

  • We provide a free customized checklist for you

  • Helping families and attorneys for over 25 years


Don't Take On Probate Alone...

​Welcome to Colorado Probate Helpers! We are here to help make your job easier and have assembled a team over the last 25+ years designed to allow you easy access to all of the resources needed to successfully and easily navigate the probate process in Colorado.

The Personal Representative...

​As a Personal Representative, you have been selected to be the person responsible for overseeing the assets left in the estate of a friend or loved one, liquidating all or part of those assets, taking responsibility for seeing that creditors are paid out of the estate and overseeing the distribution of the proceeds of the estate between all of the heirs.

​It is indeed a great honor to be named as the Personal Representative for a friend or loved one’s estate going through probate in Colorado, but along with this honor, comes a great deal of hard work as well as legal and financial responsibility. It can be a long, difficult and thankless job.

Many estates include tons of personal property, including clothing, furniture, tools, antiques, art, jewelry, firearms, pets & more. Many estates also include a residence and often times, investment or commercial real estate, farm and ranch land and on occasion separate water and mineral rights.

There may be financial assets, such as bank, investment and retirement accounts, stocks, bonds, annuities, life insurance, precious metals, other collectables and more to deal with during the Colorado probate process.

There may also be creditors who are owed money from the estate. Items like mortgage payments, property taxes, water bills & HOA dues still have to be paid, which, if ignored could result in foreclosure of a property. It can be overwhelming. We’re here to help if you are required to file probate in Colorado.

The probate process in Colorado addresses all of these various items and as the Personal Representative, you have a fiduciary responsibility to see that the estate is administered properly.

Let's Determine What Your Needs Are...

Helping you is our number one priority! We’ll begin by asking you what you want to accomplish with regard to all of the personal property and real property in the estate. We’ll go over a thorough questionnaire & checklist relating to all of the property and the obligations associated with the property.

We will listen intently to what you have to say, so that we can provide fact based solutions & options for you to consider. Each estate is unique depending on the type of assets involved, the creditors, if any and the number of heirs involved. You’re loved one obviously worked long and hard to build up the assets within the estate that you are now responsible for and we take that responsibility very seriously.

We have designed a comprehensive, al-a-cart system to help Personal Representatives focus on what to do with all aspects of the probate process in Colorado from personal property to real property. By working together, we’re confident we can help make the Colorado probate process as stress free on you and the other members of your family, as humanly possible. We look forward to being of service to you and your family!

Please call Jim Foster 303-229-5347 or Contact Us and tell us about your situation and we will provide you with a Free customized Colorado Probate Checklist and answer any questions that you have.  We look forward to hearing from you!​

Thank you!

Jim Foster & the Colorado Probate Helpers Team

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